Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.

Random thoughts that run through the maze that is commonly referred to as my mind.

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Once upon a time…

Christmas 1973

I’m scanning pictures from albums that my mother threw out & came across the picture of my first Christmas.  In one of them, I’m being held so that I’m sitting on presents.  She wrote on the back, “Our best Christmas present.”

This kills me.  It reminds me that there was a time when I was her little girl, when I was the daughter that she wanted, when I hadn’t disappointed her yet by living my life, my way.

It hasn’t been that way in years.  For the past 10 (or more), it’s been court battles and voice mails talking about how she she’ll be there when I die & that she wishes that she could be the one to make it happen and emails where she equates me with Charles Manson.  It’s been years of her trashing me to every member of the family that she can, and turning them away from me.  

There are times that she’s nice and, for a moment, it’s possible to pretend that things were like they used to be.  Those are the times that she’s gotten what she wanted, which almost always includes having hurt me somehow.  I never forget though.  I always remember the hell that she’s put me through.  I have to remember.  It’s my protection from the next attack.


Russian peer pressure is harsh. 

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Come on over, straight ladies. We will fucking rock your world.


Turn off the Internet; it has finally achieved its primary purpose.


Turn off the Internet; it has finally achieved its primary purpose.


This seemed appropriate, you know, given the circumstances.

According to recent studies, arguing on the internet is now the second most popular leisure activity in the world, just below shopping and just above sex.


Oh … oh no. This can’t be true. Guys, you’re doing it wrong.

Gov. Scott Walker is a fucking asshole pile of shit.


Gov. Scott Walker believes a new law that gives gay couples hospital visitation rights violates the state constitution and has asked a judge to allow the state to stop defending it.

Because stopping people who love each other from being together when one of them is in the fucking hospital is exactly something government should be doing.

This isn’t just stupid, it’s fucking cruel.

Wil Wheaton rocks. I’m just saying.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and fathers doing mom-duty, especially to my wonderful grandmother and mother-in-law, who have shown me what a mother’s unconditional love is supposed to be.

To the psychotic, sociopathic bitch that gave birth to me, sod off.